Meet Donna

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Donna (Founder)

Image Consultant, Fashion & Beauty Division

Donna (the style twin), is based in Charlotte, NC as a Certified Image Consultant with years of styling experience working for retail companies, including one of the biggest national department stores, Nordstroms, where she first fell in love with styling clients. Donna loves the evolving creativity that comes along with fashion. With the belief that everyone’s vision and definition of style can be different. Fashion allows people to express their mood and allows people to make a statement.
Donna provides personal styling and image consulting services for everyday men and women to help them achieve a personal vision and style goals. Her services are tailored for those who have a hard time trying to figure out what their style is, what items they should add to their wardrobe, and what things will look right with their body types. She offers services such as personal shopping, closet organization and color analysis. Donna specializes in Women’s Fashion and is currently working on expanding her services to creative directing.