The Power of Word of Mouth in the Digital World

The Power of Word of Mouth in the Digital World

Imagine consumers tweeting about the remarkable offering (product or service) they received from your brand. Now, imagine others retweeting the post and the conversation growing with users sharing their experiences or inquiring about the offering everyone is chattering about online, this is Word of Mouth (WOM)! All your company has to do is provide excellent customer service and a product with value. Your consumers will do the work (marketing) for you!

WOM plays a huge role in having a successful firm or company. With the exponential growth of the digital world especially social media it is vital to have influencers.According to Hubspot, research has shown that about 62% of consumers search online for reviews and information before purchasing a product and a whopping 90% believe brand recommendations from friends. Every brand, company or business should actively influence and encourage organic WOM because it significantly impacts sales and marketing efforts. To influence consumers, brands must:

Make Your Offerings Desirable

A desirable product offers some form of satisfaction or benefits society in some form or fashion. To turn a customer into a consumer they must desire your product or service. You want to display your brand in the best light and with high content. The desire to learn more about your offering will, in fact, bring customers to your website. Having a desirable offering is vital to acquiring, retaining and receiving referrals from your consumers.

Shape Positive Brand Perception

Let’s just say this is a way to do public relations (digitally) for your brand. Spreading information positively via some of the world’s largest digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest is a valuable and inexpensive way to do this. Your brand doesn’t belong on every platform (you don’t want to spread yourself too thin), so think about which platform works best for your brand and make it desirable to customers.

Brand awareness is key to having a flourishing brand. Therefore, it is imperative to generate top of the line content, services, products and most importantly value that produces positive feedback/reviews. Always remember that negative feedback can tarnish your brand’s image which can make it twice as hard to change that negative perception. You can’t control what customers are saying, but you can monitor the noise and find creative ways to levitate negative perception.

Engage With consumers

Engage! Engage! Engage! You cannot have a digital presence without engaging with your customers/consumers. They merely want to know you care as well as fell like a valued customer. Many are inclined to share positive reviews and WOM if they feel appreciated and aren’t being unheard. Listen to your audience! Conversations are vital in creating a positive brand image. It will indeed help other customers gravitate to your brand.

Make sure your brand actively influences organic WOM because it significantly impacts gross profits. Now that you know the power of WOM in the digital world follow these tips and get the chatter going!

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