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TGND Consulting is an interconnected agency providing Public Relations, Marketing, Brand Development & Image Consulting services to the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. Founded in 2016, the identical dynamic duo Donna and Dwayna serve clients in Atlanta and surrounding cities of Charlotte.

With a passion for building a brand’s image through digital platforms and style guides, these twins are taking over a variety of industries one brand at a time. TGND mission is to guide, style and build brand awareness through their fresh, thoughtful and innovative expertise. TGND promote their PR and Marketing clients through networking, media relations, social media marketing and email newsletters.

Our Image Consulting services provide clients with personal styling and an enhanced image for media and social appearances, speaking engagements and features. Not only do we serve established brands, influencers and public figures; we provide styling services for everyday men and women. TGND is where PR, Marketing and Styling meets. These twins in business are Double The Trouble, Double The Brand.